Yay! We got Featured in The Malibu 2019 Games

Yay! We got Featured in The Malibu 2019 Games

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What a better way for Opticool Head Gear to go international and broadcast from the Dominican Republic at the Malibu games 2019! Having all their contestants wear our helmet while competing under the sun showcasing our product capabilities was a blast.

Their extenuating physical activities showcased our soft helmet protection capabilities and ventilated core; in addition to the waterproof feature while the participants climbed throughout the slippery and challenging Aztecan pyramid setup. Also, the Opticool Head Gear chin guard came on handy and stayed in place while the contestants were sliding down repeatedly. Moreover, our product helped them feel comfortable and stylish at the same time with the custom decal design of the Malibu Games featuring their palm tree on an island logo.

Multi-Use Soft Helmets For Any Application

As a versatile helmet, Opti-Cool Headgear is used for injury prevention, special needs, sports, headaches/migraines, and multiple other uses. We have also developed custom wrapped cold packs to be placed anywhere inside the helmet. This optional cold pack design can provide relief from headaches/Migraines and can be used during and after various activities to keep the head cool.

If you want to see our selection of soft helmets and many decals to choose from click here.


  • Opti-Cool Headgear Soft Protective Helmet – $49.95
  • Opti-Cool Headgear Soft Protective Cooling Helmet – $59.95

Interested in having our Opti-Cool helmets with your company logo for an event? Contact us for special bulk pricing where we can put any logo on both sides of the helmet!


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