Toddlers Soft Helmets for Specific Needs

Toddlers Soft Helmets

Toddlers Soft Helmets for Specific Needs

Devastating, life-altering head injuries are unfortunately very common due to veritably preventable accidents. While no age group is safe from head injuries, toddlers are generally more prone to them. So, the use of Toddlers Soft Helmets is crucial. The good news is, there is a toddler helmet on the market that is designed to be comfortable and with added features if the swelling has occurred during an injury. The soft Headgear from the US-based company called Opti-Cool Headgear offers several key advantages.

Why Choose Toddlers Soft Helmets?

Opti-Cool Headgear is a US-based company founded by two parents looking to create soft Headgear to protect their son. It is a preventive and recovery injury aid and comes with a number of unique features that customers across the country are looking for the safety of their younger ones.

The key features of the products include (but not limited to):

Lightweight and Sturdy, Opti-Cool Helmet is molded with 1/2-inch thick EVA rubber foam, making this product lightweight, sturdy, and ultra-durable, providing maximum protection.

Apart from its excellent build quality, the Opti-Cool Helmet also features a comfortable and durable Velcro chin strap that provides extra protection.

Well-Ventilated Protective Core is made from the Lycra material, which is very breathable. It is not only durable, but it also provides added comfort.

Optional Custom Cooling Gel Packs that you can place anywhere inside the toddler helmet for extra comfort.

Wide Range of Customization Options with custom graphic decals allows you to customize your Opti-Cool Helmet according to your specific preferences.

Opticool Head Gears Toddlers Soft Helmets

See for yourself in our gallery of Toddlers Soft Helmets, all the design and colors available for our featured helmet, and if you have your own design, reach out to us, and we will make it happen! Shop online today!



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