Toddler Safety Helmet For Kids With Special Needs

toddler safety helmet

Toddler Safety Helmet For Kids With Special Needs

Autistic children may exhibit a wide range of self-harming behaviors, of which headbanging is the most common. Studies show that over 30% of children on the autism spectrum develop the habit of headbanging. Your child may be hitting his or her head with a fist or banging it on a wall or floor.

Parents with autistic kids worry about implications like brain damage, concussions, fractures, bumps, and bruises that may result from regular and constant headbanging. However, you may note that the solution could be as simple as choosing a toddler safety helmet for your autistic child.

Why Do Children on the Autism Spectrum Engage in Head Banging?

Autistic children may develop self-harming habits for a variety of reasons. Headbanging is not necessarily an indication of emotional distress, energy build-up, or psychological trauma. Studies show that toddlers and autistic children bang their heads simply out of habit, out of carelessness or when they are bored.

Over 20% of non-autistic children engage in headbanging during toddlerhood. However, headbanging in autistic kids could also result from sensory processing issues or frustration of not expressing their emotions verbally.

The behavior is not a cause for concern unless it is frequent, harsh, and highly repetitive. While head banging is classified as a Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB), it does not usually lead to severe medical injuries or damages in toddlers and children. By investing in a high-quality toddler safety helmet, you can minimize the chances of head concussions and other head injuries.

Why Use a Toddler Safety Helmet?

If you are worried about your child banging his or her head on walls and other surfaces, you can use a toddler safety helmet to reduce the intensity and impact of the bang. Toddlers and children are still developing biologically and physically. Their heads and bodies are designed to heal fast from accidents and falls.

However, if the intensity and frequency of the headbanging are dangerous, you could consider protecting your child’s head with a protective helmet. Helmets help dilute the impact of headbanging over a wide area instead of a concentrated area.

The shell of the helmet adds a layer of protection between the child’s head and the surface. You can also stop worrying about penetration injuries from protruding objects on the surface. Using a toddler safety helmet also minimizes the intensity of your child’s pain.

What Kind of Helmet Should You Use?

Toddler safety helmets usually come with soft, comfortable liners to make the helmet-wearing experience as comfortable as possible for your child. It’s critical to choose a helmet made of lightweight material like lightweight EVA rubber foam. The material should also allow ample ventilation.

Children may not adapt to the new change effortlessly and frequently try to take off the helmet. Helmets with reliable yet, comfortable straps can help solve this issue.

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