Soft Protective Headgear Helps Prevent Head Injury

soft protective headgear

Soft Protective Headgear Helps Prevent Head Injury

Reports show that close to 4 million children under 15 sustain mild to severe head injuries while playing sports every year. While mild concussions from collisions or hits while playing sports do not have profound implications, some may result in life-altering consequences. That is why Soft Protective Headgear Helps Prevent Head Injuries.

Impact of Head Injury

Medical experts believe that 10% of traumatic brain injuries in the US result from sports and other recreational activities. The impact of the injury could be as light as a minor concussion or as substantial as lacerations, scalp contusions, or TBI with bleeding.

Specialty helmets are needed for specific sports such as biking, kayaking, etc. They eliminate the scope for direct contact between the player’s head and external objects. On the other hand, soft protective helmets are used as a preventable measure for injuries like bruises, bumps, scrapes, and cracks. However, the risk of these injuries is high when playing sports, and is recommended a specialty helmet based on the sports activity.

You may not have time to pay attention to things like balance and aerodynamics when you are speeding from opposing players or shooting for a goal.

How soft protective headgear can help

Minimizes impact. When you bump your head or sustain a heavy fall while wearing a helmet, the helmet’s outer shell helps disperse the impact over a wide area. So, the intensity of the impact is diluted and not concentrated on the specific area.

Since the impact is distributed evenly across a wider area, your head suffers minimal damage. Fractures and cracks result from a concentrated external impact on the affected area. Helmets help prevent such fractures and cracks.

The helmet’s soft liners, which are made of top-quality foam, sponge, or other soft material, add an extra protective layer between the head and the outer shell of the helmet. The liners effectively help prevent migraines and sinus-related issues caused by excessive sweating and help improve comfort levels.

Use High-Quality Headgear

Head injuries can cause cognitive issues, sensory damages, motor dysfunction, paralysis, and even death. It’s critical to invest in certified high-quality headgear to minimize the impact of head injuries.

Explore a Complete Range of soft protective headgear

Protective helmets are essential to staying safe during competitive sports. At Opti Cool Headgear, we have a complete range to suit every need. For more questions, call 866-903-2568


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