Opti-Cool Certified Soft Protective Helmet

certified soft protective helmet

Opti-Cool Certified Soft Protective Helmet

Now officially a ‘Certified Autism Resource’ partner,  by the IBCCES,  Opti-Cool injury prevention helmets, continuous to cater their product to the special needs community as a trusted brand that understands the importance of protection, comfort and keen design. With other uses including water sports, and other several activities, it makes it the most versatile helmets available today.

About Our Product 

Opti-cool soft helmets can help in better protecting you, along with adding more comfort due to the finest EVA grade ‘A’ rubber foam. When it comes to the safety of you or your children the wide range of cool customized helmet collections can surely work wonders. Made from over a 1/2 “thick ultra-lightweight waterproof foam, protection is our number one priority. Each helmet has a ventilated protective core that is covered in Lycra for extra comfort and durability.

Why use a soft protective Helmet?

During the warm summer months, adults and children love to have fun outdoor activities, especially riding bikes, skateboarding, and roller skating. Remember, a human brain is one of the most important and delicate body parts. It controls our heartbeat, body movements, breathing, and the overall functions of our entire system. That being said, doesn’t it make sense to protect such an important part of our body?

A nasty hit on the head might result in something that is known as a “traumatic brain injury.” Remember, a hit in the head doesn’t need to be hard to inflict traumatic damage that can be long-lasting or permanent. That’s why it is always a great idea to avoid accidents by wearing these soft-shell helmets.

Accidents are inevitable, but the very simple act of using a protective soft-shell helmet can drastically change the likelihood of a severe injury. According to data given by Safe Kids USA, there are about 275,000 non-fatal kid injuries every year. Also, other data estimated that wearing a protective helmet can prevent almost 75 percent of fatal head injuries while children and adults are engaging in outdoor activities.

Opti-Cool Head Gear

A protective helmet is essential to reduce the risk of head injury, especially for those who are living with certain disabilities, or involved in some sports or at risk-related activities. So, what are you waiting for? Choose none other than the best soft helmet on the market and get in touch with Opti-Cool Headgear right now!




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