Opti-Cool Soft Helmets For Outdoor Activities

Opti-Cool Soft Helmets For Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities keep kids physically active and aid muscle and bone development. If your child enjoys playing, you may consider investing in a high-quality, lightweight helmet.

Helmets help prevent bumps and bruises on the head if the child falls. Opti-cool Head Gear is customizable, lightweight, and has graphic designs that look cool. A soft helmet made of EVA rubber foam is considered the ideal choice for many kids and adults. Here are the reasons why:

Helps Your Child Stay Protected

Lightweight helmets are usually made of high-quality EVA rubber foam. The material is highly durable and offers high-level protection. An additional benefit is that lightweight helmets are designed to be soft. The EVA rubber foam offers protection from impacts and collisions.

It’s vital to ensure that the helmet fits well. Loose helmets may fall off when the child rides over road bumps, gutters, or other minor obstructions. Encourage your child to wear the helmet the right way to maximize protection.

Weather Damage Resistance

Since lightweight helmets are made of rubber, they are waterproof. They are excellent for outdoor use. The helmets are also less vulnerable to discoloration and fading than those crafted from other materials.

Waterproof helmets are also easier to clean and maintain. You may wash and dry them easily. Additionally, waterproof helmets are made of moisture-wicking material. Children generally sweat a lot during and after physical activities. These helmets don’t soak in sweat or moisture.

Rubber helmets made of Grade A EVA foam trap fewer bacteria and microbes. Therefore, these helmets are less prone to developing foul odors.

Enhanced Comfort Levels

Soft rubber helmets are much more comfortable than standard varieties. You may check to see if the helmet has ventilation holes for breathability. The helmet may feel highly uncomfortable if it isn’t lightweight or well-ventilated. Soft rubber helmets that are covered in breathable lycra may be the best choice for children.

Cooling Features

You may choose rubber helmets that offer space to insert cooling gels for additional comfort. Place the cooling gels anywhere inside the helmet to improve comfort or soothe an injury. Opti-cool Helmets with better cooling and ventilation features also minimizing the scope of migraines from prolonged wearing.

Our modern headgear brand allows users to customize helmets to suits their specific needs. Users may submit accurate measurements, color and style requirements, and other details to the brand. Your children can choose from fun decals and graphics to customize their soft helmets.

Contact Us for Soft EVA Rubber Helmets

At Opti-Cool Headgear, our prime goal is to make high-grade, soft helmets accessible to all customers. You may learn more about our rubber helmets by visiting our website or calling 866-903-2568

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