Opticool Injury Protection Helmet Features Custom Wrapped Gel Packs
Every parent has been in the situation of fearing their child having a concussion after falling while attempting their first [...]
Opti-Cool® Headgear Soft Helmet: Add The Cool Factor In Safety!
Soft Helmet Opti-Cool® Headgear Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Activities and Safety! Head helmets, though indispensable for the preventative care [...]
Big News! Opti-Cool HeadGear Now Officially Has Emojis!
Opti-Cool Helmets Can Be Designed With Any Emoji Who doesn't use Emoji's nowadays while texting, chatting and communicating with each other [...]
Protecting Against Head Injuries, One Helmet At A Time
There’s been no shortage of news stories on veritably preventable accidents which lead to life-altering, debilitating head injuries. No age [...]