EVA Soft Rubber Helmets for Children With Disabilities

EVA Soft Rubber Helmets for Children With Disabilities

Parents are aware that attention issues can affect the child’s learning and emotional development. For example, a recent study on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) found that 30% of ASD children had an increased likelihood to experience one or more injuries compared to children without ASD. A child with autism has three times the risk of getting injured compared to their neurotypical peers.

In such cases, an EVA helmet can keep them protected. EVA rubber foam is an artificial material popular for helmets because it can be molded into different sizes to fit children’s heads. This material is considered safe, lightweight, and won’t cause skin irritation when worn against the scalp.

Here’s how:

Many children with sensory issues associate certain textures with pain. This is what makes standard bike helmets so uncomfortable. But, EVA foam rubber can be molded to fit the child’s head shape and provide a soft cushion around their scalp.

The ability to focus without distraction is something that can cause some injuries. Wearing a helmet made of standard materials can make their heads feel hot and stuffy, especially in the summertime. Soft rubber helmets allow for better air circulation around their scalps which helps them relax and focus on what’s important.

Head banging, a typical behavior among some children on the autism spectrum, can lead to head injuries. That’s why many parents resort to an EVA helmet as a safety measure.

If your child is prone to these types of behaviors, consider getting them a helmet made out of soft protective rubber that doesn’t cause pain when they hit their heads against it.

A soft rubber EVA helmet can be adjusted to fit their head shape and provide a protective barrier. And, if they’re careful to comb or brush over the helmet’s surface, it won’t affect them negatively.

Buy Opti Cool EVA Soft Rubber Helmets for Your Child’s Protection

If you’re looking for a protective helmet that offers your child with autism the feeling of comfort and security, OptiCool’s EVA soft rubber helmets are right for you. These helmets are adjustable to fit their unique head shapes and would prevent pain for minor accidents. Call us today for further assistance or order online today!

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