Best Protective Helmet for Head Protection After Concussion

Best Protective Helmet for Head Protection After Concussion

OptiCool soft protective helmet protects and cushions your head against impact, especially after surgery or a concussion. The helmet is lightweight and soft enough not to cause headaches or pressure sores. Also, it remains in place on your head when moving around throughout the day.

Protects from Impact and Balance Disorders

Our padded helmet ensures that your head remains protected from injuries even when you accidentally hit it against something else. It absorbs the impact or shock exerted on your head if anything hits it.

Fits Comfortably

Wearing a soft, lightweight, protective helmet is like wearing a scarf on your head. It makes you feel warm and toasty. The helmet fits well on your head without putting too much pressure on your skin or causing headaches.

Smooth and Flat Protection

The helmet’s padding is smooth and flat against your head without any bulges. The smooth, flat layer of protection works as a shock absorber when anything shakes, hits, or presses on your head. It keeps the surface of your skin smooth, flat, and protected from injuries.

Fits Your Head Easily

OptiCool soft protective helmet is designed to fit your head size and shape so that it stays in place. The helmet does not slip down over your eyes, squeezing or put too much pressure on your forehead.

Fits Your Face

Our soft protective helmet covers your temples and forehead without touching your eyebrows or pushing them up. It does not cover your face but protects the sides from injury.

Protects the Back of the Head

The soft protective helmet covers your head, starting from below the base of your skull to the back of your head. It protects the back of your head without blocking your vision or obstructing your movements.

No Hard, Rough or Sharp Edges

The soft protective helmet is made of a smooth and soft material, without hard edges sticking out. The padding inside the helmet is smooth, flat, and firm enough to absorb any shocks or pressure exerted on the helmet.

Load Impact Tested

Protective helmets are tested for their strength and ability to protect you against impact. Most of them pass the load impact test, where weight is dropped on the helmet, and its ability to absorb impact is checked.

Choose Opti Cool Soft Protective Helmet for Post-Surgery Protection

Opti Cool offers a wide range of quality products in all categories when it comes to the best protective helmet for post-operation protection. Choose from cool and versatile designs available on our website. Order online today!

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